Treat yourself to fun on the Vegas Land casino

One of the Vegas Bonus Land that attracts every day many new players, it’s the exceptional welcome bonus of the site. This is a bonus of 250% up to €2,500 slot machine applied to the player’s first two deposits. The third deposit of the player is eligible for a match bonus of 300% up to €3,000 it is altogether an impressive welcome bonus of €8,000. Few games of chance on the internet sites resemble Vegas Land Bonus offers. In fact, site developers will stop at nothing to make the games and promotions as attractive as possible, both new to the existing players in the casino.

Vegas Land bonus

Apart from the welcome bonus which applies to slot machine games, there is another Vegas Land Bonus that applies to all other games.This special promotional bonus is designed to match the first 4 deposits of the player, at the rate of 125% up to €1 250, for a total of €5,000 of bonus money. There is also a welcome bonus for big bettors intended particularly for the place of the most ambitious players, by matching their first deposit a bonus of 250% up to €2,500. A minimum deposit of €750 is required for players to qualify for the welcome bonus for big bettors, and they can play any game with this bonus.

The Vegas Land Casino does not in formal loyalty bonus program, but it offers several generous bonus recharge for interested players. Those who play slot machine games can deposit from only €21, and receive 195% match bonus. Big bettors may deposit €800 or more, and receive 400% match bonus. The table games bonus vary slightly. Table games bettors can drop as low as €21 and get 195% match bonus. The big punters of table games may deposit €800 or more and receive a 250% match bonus. Vegas Land Casino management team strives to provide the best possible bonuses to attract new players and allow the site to Vegas Land, to remain an attractive platform for the casino players.

Online betting industry generates $ 12 billion of revenue per year throughout the world, and this industry continues to develop giant steps each year. In fact, advances in software technology and the internet have joined forces to create an exciting way through which people from around the world can now play their favorite games of casino online from their own homes. Most popular casinos online games are usually blackjack, video poker, roulette and other games that involve sports teams. Other popular online games include baccarat, craps, and various arcade games especially for beginners. Games online today offer incredible graphics and a high quality experience close to what we can live in a physical casino. An online casino can therefore be seen as an extension of physical casinos. In fact, recent technologies can make hyper-realistic gaming experience, especially when playing with a group of friends. One of the advantages when you play casino online at home, is the fact of not having to find a parking spot or be stuck with a queue to participate in a tour on a table of a physical casino room full to bursting. In addition, about casinos online, there are always the opportunity to earn a few dollars or even to get a big jackpot.

Casinos are regulated

Contrary to a lot of people, online betting casinos are regulated by Governments. Indeed, most has a license, and on casinos licensed, you can safely play. This is especially of the casinos listed on the sites of the regulatory bodies. In reality, online betting is highly regulated, and the Online Casino sites include information about the licenses that have different online casinos. Most Governments consider that online betting sites that respect the laws are of good reputation. These sites pay taxes and respect all laws relating to operating a business in their country. Online Casino provides a full list of the French online casinos of renowned for the pleasure of the players of all skill levels.